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Fantasy Weddings. Elegant Events. Fairy Tale Feasts.

Havencrest Castle awaits to embrace you with splendor, elegance, & whimsey.


King Arthur's Court, Chinese Fantasies, Victorian High Teas, & Edwardian Christmases.


(Please contact our Castle Coordinator to discuss various price point options and your available budget)

Havencrest Castle Tours
Havencrest Castle Tours

 Due to ongoing 

  rennovations,  weddings 

 are not available at  this time. 

 Please check back  later. 


Your childhood fairy-tale dream wedding can become a reality in a beautiful setting of opulent splendor. What is your wish? Choose from traditional to truly inspired. 


Havencrest Castle Tours
A Chinese Feast 

Dine amidst Oriental splendor on Chinese porcelain with golden bamboo implements in Kimono robes and happi coats, bathed in the mellow light of Old Canton.

Victorian High Tea

Silver service, pink roses, white lace, delicate finger sandwiches, enticing sweets, and waves of Mozart and Haydn wafting over you in the Fragonard Music Room.


Havencrest Castle Tours
Medieval Dinner

Velvet-robed knights and nobles dine with crowned kings and ladies of the court in a saffron-scented dream of Gothic splendor. We suggest the 80 foot long Medieval Hall.

Havencrest Castle Tours
Parties & Celebrations 

Make that special birthday, anniversary, or club luncheon truly unforgettable in the roseate glow of our lush, lavish, and incomparably opulent chambers.


Havencrest Castle Tours
An Edwardian Christmas 

A tail-coated butler welcomes guests into a Christmas fantasy where Astors and Vanderbilts dine on a procession of delicacies, served in grandeur on a marble table from vessels of gold & silver.

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