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Alan St George Adrianne St George Havencrest Castle
Semper Nos "Always Us"


From the early days of their marriage, this

Latin phrase was Mr. & Mrs. Alan St. George's

personal motto. You will find it in paintings,

sculptures, emblazoned across the ballroom

Musician's Balcony, on a custom-made china

service, and even memorialized in stained glass.


Semper Nos, or "Always Us" was their expression for "Love and marriage going on beyond life."


Havencrest Castle The Great Door
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Havencrest Castle's RMS Titanic Cherubs memorial

Sanctuary of Love & Art

Havencrest Castle is the creative outpouring of Mr. & Mrs. Alan St. George, who together designed every major and minor detail over their 31 years together without the aid of an architect or designer. Their devotion to one another manifested itself in the brick and stone structure, with elaborate, themed rooms that transport the visitor to distant lands and long-forgotten eras. Alan St. George's sculptures, paintings, and murals fill the castle, inspired by the love of his late wife, Adrianne Blue Wakefield-St. George. This was their private sanctuary of Love & Art, a world of romantic dreams where reality & illusion merged and fairy-tale wishes came true.


She passed away on June 1, 2006. Alan used to say, "When Adrianne entered a room, the lights and music went on, and when she left, the lights and music went out." After a five year period of mourning and healing, Alan's creative inspiration returned. He completed the last of the 25 life-sized figures for the ballroom, and then made a 180˚ turn to contemporary art, producing 21 tabletop bronze and aluminum sculptures.

Love and beauty fill every corner of this one-of-a-kind castle. Visitors are left with an unforgettable experience of beauty, elegance, and fantasy embraced by a never-ending love story.




The Medieval Hall stained glass window proclaims: "Always Central, Always Us"

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