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Alan St George with his historically accurate replica of the RMS Titanic clock "Honour & Glory Crowning Time"

RMS Titanic

is always on display

at Havencrest Castle

Havencrest Castle's Memorial Hall is the only place in the world where you can see full-sized historically accurate replicas of sculptures from RMS Titanic's First-class Grand Staircase and Dining Saloon, including a complete replica of the famous clock.


Adrianne and Alan loved the Victorian and Edwardian periods. This naturally led to a keen interest in the RMS Titanic, the great ship of the Edwardian Age, and in particular its Grand Staircase and First-class appurtenances

In March of 1998 the St. Georges held a Titanic-themed sit-down dinner for 20 guests in their home, recreating the actual First-class Dining Saloon's menu. A 3-foot model of the ship adorned the center of the table, surrounded by flowers, and each guest took home Titanic coal to remember the evening.


Titanic survivor, Eleanor Shuman, living in St. Charles, Illinois, was invited to attend. Sadly, in the two week period between the invitations going out, and the date of the dinner, Eleanor passed away. Adrianne St. George related this to the guests at the dinner, and asked for a moment of silence in Eleanor's honour.


It was in this period that Alan began his first 1:2 scale replica of Charles Wilson's famous Titanic clock, and he finished it in 1999. Adrianne immediately threw a dinner party celebrating the sculpture, and even had a cake made with the clock's image in the icing! Since then Alan has sculpted the clock three more times in various sizes including the full-scale version on display in Havencrest's Memorial Hall.

Titanic clock replica by Alan St. George.

"Alan St. George, is an acclaimed American artist, and lives in his magical home, Havencrest Castle, a turn-of-the-century hilltop home in Savanna, Illinois. Alan has a world-wide reputation for creating the most stunning and iconic works of art relating to RMS Titanic." Bob Angel, The Atlantic Daily Bulletin, official journal of The British Titanic Society, Spring 2020.

Adrianne St George's Titanic Clock Cake

Adrianne St. George's, RMS Titanic clock cake in 1999

Alan St George sculpting the god from Titanic's Dining Saloon

Alan St. George, sculpting the god from Titanic's Dining Saloon.

Titanic sculptor Alan St George speaks at The Titanic Historical Society's 55th anniversary.

Alan St. George, surrounded by his work, lecturing in New York to the Titanic Historical Society at their 55th anniversary convention in 2017.

Titanic sculptor, Alan St. George, with his historically accurate full-sized bronze cherub lamp replica.

Alan at Havencrest Castle with his historically accurate RMS Titanic replica of the full-sized bronze cherub lamp.


Alan makes small versions for collectors around the world of the iconic Titanic sculptures such as these 1:2 scale clock and cherub. This montage of his replicas is shown against an archival (colorized) photograph of the Grand Staircase.

(montage provided by Thomas Lamote of France)


 See the ONLY collection of full-sized historically accurate

RMS Titanic replicas in the world including the complete clock with architectural surround, Grand Staircase bronze cherub lamps, Grand Staircase Pineapple finials, and the god and goddess caryatids from Titanic's First-class Dining Saloon.

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