Discover some rooms of Havencrest Castle

The Grand Foyer

The original 19C entrance hall to the house immediately welcomes visitors with its warm, honey-brown, quarter-sawn oak paneling, parquet floor, and beamed ceiling. Embossed leather panels span the ceiling beams. Rich, burgundy, antique European velvet walls and draperies are heavily trimmed with Victorian silk trims and tassels.


The "Ashes of Roses" marble fireplace, in the shape of an "H," adds warmth to the room and creates flickering highlights in the gold leaf throughout this opulent and welcoming entrance.

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The Salle d'Amour

This front parlour or drawing room, is highly romantic and is dedicated to marriage. The silk flowers that fill the room were the kind that The St. Georges had at their own wedding in 1975.


The boiseries on the walls hold bas-reliefs depicting the courtship, engagement, and Happily-Ever-After of an 18C French couple. An 8' diameter ceiling oil painting by Alan St. George, in the style of French rococo painter Francois Boucher, shows the St. Georges in a fantasy garden populated by doves, cherubs, and flowers that match the hand-painted china in a corner cabinet. The anniversary clock is stopped at 3 o'clock, the time of the St. Georges marriage.

The Flemish Renaissance Dining Room


Crowned by a vaulted ceiling of quarter-sawn oak, and antique verde marble panels, punctuated by small lights, this warm chamber is appointed with mink-colored velvet walls with more oak and marble, lit by a Russian chandelier.


Amber light reflects in the polished antique verde marble table. An oil painting in the style of Rembrandt, depicts the St. Georges.


This room seats 10 diners, but also works well for a buffet, with proximity to the Butler's Pantry, Main Kitchen, and the many nearby sitting rooms.

The Russian Rococo Library


This was originally another quarter-sawn oak room, but all of the wood was removed and added to the Flemish Renaissance Dining Room, so the space could be recreated starting with a "blank canvas." Only the marquetry floor is as it was in the days of The Greenleafs, Havencrest Castle's original owners. (seats 11 guests)



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