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La Chambre Royale

This is the original Master Bedroom used by the St. Georges until 1987 when they created their 3rd floor suite. The gold-leafed 
boiseries and door panels give this room a French Rococo ambience, and the brocade-draped, step-up European style bed is pure luxury. Above the bed, surround by white satin, is an oil painting after Fragonard with a cherub cavorting among the clouds. He holds a golden arrow and a shield with intertwined "A's." A banner held up by doves proclaims: "L'Amour Vainc Tout" (Love Conquers All).


Can be used as a sitting room for (7) guests. 

The Kali-Ma Room

The Master Bedroom leads to this large, opulent room featuring a ceiling draped in pastel-colored vintage saris and lit by Murano hand-blown glass chandeliers. 


The room gets it's name from the life-sized statue of Kali-Ma, done in Mrs. St. George's likeness, holding all the pleasures of the world. Three of the walls are bordered with carved and gilded wooden cabinets from India which hold Adrianne's collection of shoes and handbags. Lighted cabinets on the remaining wall, holding her collection of tiaras, flank the massive iron gate that forbids entry to The Treasure Room of Alibaba, holding the royal jewels.


(seats 18-19 guests)

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The Chambre of the Maharajah


Crowned by a vaulted ceiling of vintage saris in jewel tones, and punctuated by a plethora of antique Middle Eastern lights, this chamber is the "male version" of the more feminine Kali-Ma Room. Rosewood carvings abound, while a pair of peacocks perched in portals look on. Flanking the steps to the Peacock Throne Room are faux tiger and faux leopard skin rugs with amazingly life-like heads, courtesy of Facemakers, Inc.


This room has furniture for 8 guests, but the lavish pillows lined up, stacked, and tucked under chairs allow Eastern-style seating for more!


(seats 8 guests)

The Peacock Throne Room


Guests enjoy the conviviality of this comfortable and exotic chamber. Beneath the elaborate gilded and patinated detailed ceiling lies a plethora of peacock-themed furnishings and collectibles. The exquisite furniture is beautiful and inviting.


The walls are covered in peacock-patterned velvet, and a matching wall of peacock-patterned chiffon. The chiffon allows glimpses of the Maharajah Room's mounted peacocks and many lights.


(royal seating for 14 guests)

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