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MILLENNIAL MANNERS book by Mrs. Alan St. George

MILLENNIAL MANNERS book by Mrs. Alan St. George

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Adrianne Blue Wakefield-St. George will instruct and entertain you with 330 pages of her fabulous wit and useful instruction.
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    What people are saying about it:

    "...a treasure trove of sage advice on how to comport oneself successfully in a confusing world; her "A Word to Teens" is itself worth the price of the book."

    "Truly fabulous! Mrs. St. George entertains the reader with style and charm, as any hostess should. The ultimate book for a world that acts like good manners have gone out of fashion."

    "MILLENNIAL MANNERS is more than an etiquette how-to; it's a glimpse into the enchanted world of elegance and sophistication. The regal Adrianne St. George is an expert on decadent luxury; while she didn't invent the word fabulous, she has certainly made it her own." ~Steven Helling, writer for Oracle and People magazine

    330 pages, softbound, full color glossy cover.

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