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Ticket: Vet/Child MAY 2024

Ticket: Vet/Child MAY 2024


Admission for one military or a child under the age of 18 for the FULL TOUR (2 floors).

MAY 2024 weekends-only tours. All tickets are NON-REFUNDABLE.

Save $$:

When you are making your purchase there will be a pulldown menu with “Standard” which will add a substantial shipping charge which you do not want. Please select “Pick up at the Visitor Center” on this pulldown menu and save $$. We will have your tickets in an envelope with your name on them, for the day that you have chosen, in our Visitors Center for you.

  • Instructions

    Your ticket will be held at our Visitors Center (white house outside our gates). If there is a line when you arrive, please proceed to the head of the line. Your ticket(s) will be waiting with the name from your credit card on the envelope. Thank you and enjoy your stay in our enchanted world!



    All visitors are required to have either a GOLD general admission ticket, or a BLUE general admission ticket, (for Vets and Children under 18). Those tickets entitle the bearer to see the rooms of the 1st Floor, Sculpture Gallery, and Ballroom. 2nd Floor visitors must also have a GREEN ticket to see the upper floors which include the Persian Suite, Doll Room, Mrs. St. George's Dressing Room, Ivory Tower Chapel, Master Bedroom, and Mr. St. George's Dressing Room. CAUTION: The castle is not handicap-accessible, nor advised for persons with limited mobility. Stairs as well as steep inclines are involved. The 2nd Floor is only recommended for hardy souls! We have no elevators!

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