Adrianne with their first rescue dog in 1986

Titanic sculptor Alan St. George surveys his full-sized bronze of the Grand Staircase cherub lamp with gold-leafed torch, standing next to his smallest cherub lamp recreation

"I am glad we were put here on earth to build and not destroy."

Alan St. George

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Mr. & Mrs. Alan St. George

December 1988

December 1989

December 2003

On their wedding day

March 21, 1985 on their 10th anniversary

The St. Georges on their 13th anniversary


The St. Georges on their 30th anniversary, March 2005, with Olivia Rest, the daughter of close friends.

Adrianne was the ultimate hostess

and even wrote a book on etiquette


Mrs. Alan St. George departed from this world on June 1, 2006




Adrianne always said her wedding day was the happiest

day of her life.


The Ivory Tower Chapel in Havencrest Castle is the final resting place for Mrs. St. George's ashes


A medium said that Adrianne is now

working with lost children and animals

in the afterlife.




In her last decade on earth, she had developed a newsgroup online. Read about her from one of her online friends...

"We shouldn't mourn that she died, we should celebrate that she lived." Alan St. George

Alan St. George has become known as the "Titanic sculptor" in recent years. He has dedicated himself to bringing back many of the lost art treasures from the fateful ship in historically accurate recreations. Here is the famous cherub lamp from the Grand Staircase inspired, as always, by Adrianne, since she collected cherubs all of her life from early childhood.

Titanic sculptor Alan St. George recreates the Goddess from the First-class Dining Saloon

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Mrs Alan St George's final resting place at Havencrest Castle